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[FIX] ADB Not Detecting Device On FreeBSD And Possibly Linux

So you’ve been googling for hours, trying and testing why your device isn’t detected by ADB. It’s detected by fastboot, but try as you might, ADB is having none of it. You changed to MTP, PTP, Transfer Files, etc… and it simply won’t appear. You’ve tested other cables, and the problem remains. You’ve tested your… Read More »

Linux Can’t Take Itself Seriously With Its Clipboard Nightmare

If you used Linux recently, you probably notice that modern versions of Xorg have a hardcoded clipboard that you cannot disable. What’s worse, it will auto-copy any selected text to clipboard. Have you ever wondered what abysmal productivity looked like? Take a hard look at Xorg. The clipboard is so bad that neigher Gnome, KDE,… Read More »