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Beware the PINE64 / ROCK64 SCAM

So you might be looking for a new Raspberry Pi replacement. And you saw the PINE64 board that does 4K and you were impressed. So was I… until I ordered one. First, don’t expect to have your product quickly. We’re talking at minimum two weeks after payment. Everything is shipped from China, and they only… Read More »

Steelseries Arctis 7 Review

Bought this headset a couple of weeks ago, through I’d post a review. While I was anxiously waiting for the package to arrive, I preinstalled the software on my PC. First thing after unwrapping, was plugging it in to make sure it had a charge. Immediately after pairing the device, I get notified there’s a… Read More »

[Review] Uberhaus Air Conditioning

How to start this disaster… Well, first off, the company doesn’t really seem to exist. There’s a toll-free phone number but that’s it. No website, no other way to contact them… which leads me to believe this may simply be a re-branding operation. The only stores in Canada that seem to have their products are… Read More »