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Beware the PINE64 / ROCK64 SCAM

So you might be looking for a new Raspberry Pi replacement. And you saw the PINE64 board that does 4K and you were impressed. So was I… until I ordered one. First, don’t expect to have your product quickly. We’re talking at minimum two weeks after payment. Everything is shipped from China, and they only… Read More »

Linux Can’t Take Itself Seriously With Its Clipboard Nightmare

If you used Linux recently, you probably notice that modern versions of Xorg have a hardcoded clipboard that you cannot disable. What’s worse, it will auto-copy any selected text to clipboard. Have you ever wondered what abysmal productivity looked like? Take a hard look at Xorg. The clipboard is so bad that neigher Gnome, KDE,… Read More »

[PSA] Do Not Buy From Best Buy Using PayPal. Ever.

So you’ve found a great deal on their website. They have it in stock, and it’s free shipping. So why, do you ask, not buy from them? The reason is simple. Even if they have it in stock at a store near you, you won’t get it from that store. In fact, that store could… Read More »

[OSX] Sparsebundles Are Junk And You Should Stop Using Them

If you ever used a sparsebundle file, whatever the reason, you probably had to fight at some point to restore your data. And most likely, you lost everything. It’s happened to me over and over again; backup “disks” become corrupted. They are extremely fragile and won’t even survive a reboot if not properly dismounted. I’m… Read More »