Beware the PINE64 / ROCK64 SCAM

By | September 13, 2018

So you might be looking for a new Raspberry Pi replacement. And you saw the PINE64 board that does 4K and you were impressed. So was I… until I ordered one.

First, don’t expect to have your product quickly. We’re talking at minimum two weeks after payment. Everything is shipped from China, and they only process the order about a week after payment. You read right. They take a full week to process your order after payment.

Then, you have only two shipping options, both of which are flat fees. This makes no sense because DHL is obviously charging more for some locations than others. So they’re basically trying to balance their accountant’s math by making a flat fee for everyone. For the company it’s brain-dead simple to do 1+1 but buyers are obviously getting overcharged.

And then, there’s the hidden fees. Yup. I have to pay roughly 30$ extra (so that’s 60$ for shipping total) to get my product because the 30$ flat fee does not include the duty/import fee. That part though, they never tell you. Never. You’ll get a surprise call from DHL saying your package is held hostage and you need to cover the ransom to get it. But according to their employees trolling their subreddit, this is 100% your fault that they never warn you they don’t cover fees. They claim it’s normal. But anyone that’s being ordering international will know that’s entirely false. 99% of companies will tell you when they don’t cover fees. These liars don’t, and their trolls are going around spreading obvious lies to try to save face, all the while censoring you.

PINE64 are operating one of the worst businesses in the world. Not only do they know, but they moderate every single part of their forum to make sure you can’t post anything negative about them. Your post will simply never get moderated and you can’t warn others about the scam.

Then there’s the charge-back harassment. I had to tell them to stop contacting me because they wouldn’t stop spamming and harassing me, in broken google-translated English, with nonsense about being blessed. I kid you not. They even brought God into this.

I was originally going to do a review of the product, instead I find myself warning others not to waste their time and money. Ironic.

To recap:
– 45$ product
– 30$ flat fees shipping
– 30$ HIDDEN duty fees

You’re paying 134% of the product in shipping fees for something that weighs a few ounces tops.

So BUYER BEWARE. There are hidden fees, they are extremely slow at reacting, and unless you are very patient and enjoy throwing money out the window, you will end up making a chargeback like I did.

Edit: Not only do they censor their forums to prevent anything bad from being said, they even censor their absolutely toxic subreddit and will ban you for calling out their employees trolling the subreddit. That’s how bad a company they are. Stay away of you know what’s good for you.

Oh, and P.S. It doesn’t do 4K. Not in any way you would want it to. It barely plays super-low bitrate 4K, don’t expect it to play your 25GB mkv/mp4 files. It won’t.

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