Why I Don’t Trust Tangerine, And You Shouldn’t Either

By | July 23, 2018

I signed up to their site and was less than impressed. The process is straightforward, but misleading.

They start off with “Here’s a List of What You’ll Need to Have Ready”, which is incomplete. They never state ahead of time that you will need to go to one of their pretty much non-existent locations (closest to me is 250 miles), or entrust your personal information with Canada Post, which is one of the worst protectors of personal information, and also pretty far away. They also omit to explain how the CP process works.

They make sure to ask you for all your personal information before they tell you that, so now they’re storing your SIN even if you stop the process.

And why do they allow you to take a picture of your cheque, but do not have a secured method of submitting ID documents? I work in healthcare and the security check to get this job was insane, yet I submitted everything online. If a bank doesn’t have a secured method of submitting documents, this only raises further questions about their overall security, which is now storing my SIN.

Try to email them? Good luck. All their emails come from noreply@ emails, the best you can do is wait for an agent to be online and use their web chat. This is terrible customer support.

My two cents: stay away. Now I’ll have to fight to get my SIN out of that place.

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