Linux Can’t Take Itself Seriously With Its Clipboard Nightmare

By | July 9, 2018

If you used Linux recently, you probably notice that modern versions of Xorg have a hardcoded clipboard that you cannot disable. What’s worse, it will auto-copy any selected text to clipboard. Have you ever wondered what abysmal productivity looked like? Take a hard look at Xorg. The clipboard is so bad that neigher Gnome, KDE, XFCE or any others use it. They all have a second one. So ctrl-c and right-click copy will have different text.

Now there are plenty of apps that try to address this absolute mess (CopyQ, Parcellite, etc), but they all fail miserably. By merging the clipboards, you basically lose all control over them, and the apps are buggy so it’s hit or miss. There is nothing you can do other than force yourself to use a single clipboard.

Almost 30 years after its inception, Linux can’t even get that right. And they want to compete against MacOS and Windows? Better start getting your shit together Linux, because it’s not like basic failures like this that you’ll ever compete. You’re trying to be a niche market while missing basic features and reducing productivity.

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