[FreeBSD] [FIX] sonewconn: pcb 0x…: Listen queue overflow: XX already in queue awaiting acceptance (X occurrences)

By | January 19, 2018

So you’ve gotten these errors on your system. And you’ve googled a while and all the “fixes” are dead ends.

The problem? I have no idea. How to fix it? RMA your board and get a replacement. The same model works fine. See, I have a few S1200V3RP boards in production systems. These systems are all running the same hardware combination, OS and software. And only one of them displayed this behavior. After hours of googling and testing, I couldn’t find a solution and was experiencing lots of network slowness (these apps are network-intensive).

So I RMA’ed the board and used a spare (same model, revision, BIOS) to replace it, and never again saw this error. Since I’ve searched for a long time for solutions and never found any working ones, and events made it so I noticed the errors gone, figured I’d post this. Hopefully it helps someone.

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