[Review] Uberhaus Air Conditioning

By | July 10, 2013

How to start this disaster…

Well, first off, the company doesn’t really seem to exist. There’s a toll-free phone number but that’s it. No website, no other way to contact them… which leads me to believe this may simply be a re-branding operation. The only stores in Canada that seem to have their products are Rona, which incidentally have different specials advertised on their websites and physically in their stores; so don’t shop online there.

Then came the unboxing. I was amazed, they actually put a bottomless box. Sure, this makes unboxing a whole lot easier but I hope they packed it right for transport… eek. Parts were all there it turns out, but not after having to go through the manual in both French and English to try to make any sense of it.

So yeah, the manual is very bad. It has barely any details, does not explain how to mount the exhaust ducts (except for a tiny picture) and more importantly, does <b>NOT</b> provide window fittings. After 30 minutes of trying to figure out how this works… I found that picture. Basically, you need to go have wood/plexiglass but, then make a hole in the middle of that. They do provide little round plastic fittings to fill that whole and attach the exhaust. Good luck finding a hardware store that will accept to make a hole that size at all… and if they do, it likely won’t be cheap. I hope you have someone with decent tools in your surroundings.

Once that was finally done, after 2 hardware stores and 40$ more, I finally was able to hook everything up. No thanks to them. Since I had to put the unit on its side to bring it home, I had to wait some hours (they say 24 but the almighty internets said less than 3 if it was tilted for a few minutes). Turned it on, and behold… a little cool air.

Of course this is a portable unit.. well, not really since you need to have a unique fitting custom made for every window you ever plan on installing it in. Yeah, make that “portable”. But what I meant to say is, don’t expect the power and efficiency of a window-mounted one. It cannot compare; doesn’t even come close. You will also need to put a bucket or something next to the water exhaust, because it will just drip out on your floor. There’s no water tank at all.

I cannot say exactly what model I own. I know, right? They’re that awesome. There’s no model number on the unit, the manual is for multiple ones, and they have no website. Excellent! But it’s a 10 000 BTU brown/black model with a remote.

So my verdict is, stay the hell away from this. Spend 100$ more for a known brand that actually provide adjustable fittings for windows and spare the headaches and extra spending. I have a Danby one I paid 50$ more 3 years ago, it has rotating fans and 4 functions; with the adjustable window fittings. I should have bought similar.

P.S. It draws a cool 10amps. It was enough to make an extension cord overheat and almost melt… I caught it just in time.


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